Still searching for courses hosted on

26 09 2007

I’ve been searching for weeks to find some course materials hosted by – not just course blogs or bulletin board postings for a course, but full-on “let’s use as a content management system” kind of stuff. Not much luck. I did find a few, which I will document on


Paper nearly complete

16 08 2007

The paper for submission to the Open Education 2007 conference proceedings is nearly through the first draft. I hope we’ll be able to post a PDF to the paper before, during or after the conference. It’s released under a CC:by license, so that shouldn’t be a problem…


28 05 2007

This is a (currently empty) website, intended to document the process of creating an Open Content resource website using the hosted service.

There will be descriptions of the strategies, patterns, techniques, and tricks we used to create the site, as well as ideas on how to generalize to other content management systems. The goal is to demonstrate the process of creating an open content resource using free and open source tools, without the need for a server or any infrastructure.